Principal’s Message

May 10, 2023

Hello Lakeview Families,

What a great few weeks we have had, the school has continued to do our daily walk/run, its been nice to get some extra fresh air. The weather has been nice and the students are enjoying the new outside equipment we have recently purchased. With all the extra energy being burned its always a good idea to ensure they have lots of extra snacks in their lunches. We appreciate that the students can bring their cells phone to school, but please encourage them, not to miss use them while in class at recess or lunch (social media, texting friends, and inappropriate searches). This will relieve a lot of unnecessary administrative disciple and “ Drama” as the students refer to it. Students have access to Chrome Books to use the internet for research if needed or required, calculators are in classrooms also if needed. If you need to reach your child please call the school and we can ensure a message or a phone call will get to them. Please contact the School if you have any questions or concerns with this issue. We are looking forward to a Magnificent May!

Sincerely, Dean Morrow