Code of Conduct


The purpose of Lakeview’s Code of Conduct is to establish and maintain a safe, caring and orderly school that will enable purposeful learning and positive social development for all students.

As students grow they become more able to take responsibility for their behaviours. Younger students will be treated appropriately for their age, and as they continue to grow, they will be expected to take on a stronger leadership role.

At Lakeview we believe it is important to support our students’ development into kind and caring citizens. We believe in being proactive and positive to support this development. We believe that using our Code of Conduct to support student behaviour should be restorative rather than punitive. We value the importance of teaching students the necessary social skills.




Eager to Cooperate



At Lakeview School, we believe that all children have the right to learn in a safe, caring and orderly environment.  To this end, this code of conduct expects educators, parents and staff to work together to create a learning environment that enhances and grows the values of safety and order using an ethic of care.

All students and staff need to feel safe and valued. All parents need to feel welcomed and part of their child’s growth and development. A collaboratively established code of conduct is critical to this work and critical to the establishment of a learning environment where students learn best.


Safe & Caring School Environments

(while at school, at a school-related activity, or in other circumstances where engaging in the activity has an impact on the school environment)

Lakeview’s Code of Conduct

Be Respectful to Yourself - caring about your learning and yourself, including safety.

  • always do your best
  • make good choices
  • be on time and ready to work
  • be prepared; complete your work and use your planner

Be Respectful to Others - considerate of others’ personal feelings and properties.

  • be polite and wait your turn
  • treat everyone well
  • use good listening skills
  • be honest and tell the truth 

Be Respectful to Property & Environment - caring about your school and environment.

  • clean up after yourself
  • take good care of materials
  • ask before borrowing
  • recycle and compost

Are Free From:

  • bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, intimidation, threatening or violent behaviours
  • discrimination including race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identify or expression; and age.
  • retribution against a person who has reported incidents

Do Not Tolerate:

  • theft and vandalism
  • intoxicating or illegal substances
  • weapons or replica (toy) weapons
  • misuse of technology (cell phones, electronic devices, computers, internet)
  • intruders or trespassers


As circumstances warrant, school staff have a responsibility to inform/consult:

  • parent of student engaged in major and unsafe behaviours
  • parent of student on the receiving end
  • School District administration, Threat/Risk Assessment Team
  • RCMP

Unacceptable Behaviours

At Lakeview school, consequences for unacceptable behaviours are applied in a fair manner, respecting rights, responsibilities, age, maturity, and other factors relevant to the situation. We aim to use restorative, rather than punitive measures.

Examples of Unacceptable Behaviours:

  • bullying, harassment, intimidation, threats, discrimination, retribution
  • name-calling, teasing, swearing
  • defiance, insolence
  • hands-on, fighting (or play fighting)
  • throwing objects (rocks, snow, sticks, etc)
  • unauthorized leaving of school grounds
  • littering
  • others

Consequences May Include:

  • review of expectations
  • restitution and restorative planning
  • informing and/or meeting with parents
  • time-out, removal from activities, loss of privileges
  • development of behaviour support plans
  • school suspensions
  • consultation with School District administration, RCMP


Cell phones

Student well-being and safety are a priority at Lakeview.  For many intermediate students in previous years, cell phones at school have been a source of distraction, anxiety, social problems, bullying, intimidation, conflict, and sending/receiving of inappropriate images.  This type of use is not acceptable, and for these reasons, the school has rules and expectations in place.  Students not following the expectations and rules around cell phone use will be asked to turn over their phones or be required to leave them at home or check them into the office upon arrival. 

It is expected that students are not carrying their phones around with them in class, in hallways, in bathrooms, or outside before or during school.  Some teachers, however, may allow students to temporarily use their phone for educational purposes when other technology isn't available.  They are never permitted to be out in the morning, recess or lunch. 

Students who are on their phones without permission may be asked to hand them into the office or Principal.  If parents or students are not comfortable with their child turning over their device, it should be left at home.

Texting and Calling

We encourage parents to phone the school if they need to pass along a message, drop off a lunch or make a change to their plans.  We’re happy to deliver messages and be part of the communication chain between students and families.

Please avoid regularly calling or texting your child during the school day as the expectation is that their devices are to be away.  If they need to use their phone to contact a caregiver, they may be permitted to make a call or send a text from a private room or be given access to a school phone.

Thank you for helping us avoid cell phone distractions and issues for your children.