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April 15, 2024


I want to congratulate all the teachers, classes and participants who represented Lakeview School during the recent Quesnel Festival of the Arts.  Last Friday, Lakeview hosted the Speech Arts portion of the festival, and it was inspiring to see the students demonstrate mastery in their poetry presentations.  Mrs. Trueman's class and Mrs. Curle's class presented two poems together and were awarded Gold on their performances and $100.  Mrs. Scanlan's class and Ms.

October BBQ
October 17, 2023

Is it mid October already?

Hello Everyone,

Here are a few things to share.  These items will also be included in our newsletter.  FYI, there is a new link on our website for our newsletters.  It's also worth checking out the calendar on the website for upcoming events and important dates.  As mentioned at the beginning of the year, we're trying to make our website the one-stop shop for school information.  We will, however, continue to email our newsletters and occasionally send home paper notices for important announcements as well.

October BBQ
Intramural soccer Lakeview Intramural soccer
September 21, 2023

Intramural Soccer

We have four teams up and running in our school intramural soccer program.  Interested students in grades 2-7 signed up and were placed on teams.  Games are held at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays while the weather is still nice.  A big thanks to some our senior students who are doing an excellent job reffing, timing and organizing subs and rotations.  The kids seem to be loving it.

Intramural soccer Lakeview Intramural soccer